There is a Problem!

The spirit behind the religion of Christianity has deceived Christians all over the world for many centuries now. Most Christians are deceived and do not know. The Antichrist has already conquered, it has already won. We have been raised in its victory. It is time to come out of Babylon; it is time to re-enter the New Covenant that God has made with His nation of Israel, where He teaches them and through His teaching they stop sinning and overcome all things.

It is time to come out Babylon!!

And enter the New Covenant God has made with Israel!


Ceasing from Sin

Eternal life are the commandments of the Father and knowing Him and His son Jesus Christ. The wages of disobedience to the commandments of God is death, but the gift of God is His commandments in Jesus Christ His Word. Have you received the gift of God with in you, are you obeying it?


New Covenant Israel

God made a New Covenant with Israel, His nation, not a new religion nor denominations. Every nation has laws. Those who are Jews are Jews inwardly, they obey the commandments of God, they are born into Israel through Jesus Christ from above. Are you truly born again, into God's nation?


The Two Golden Calves

The religion of Christianity has lead the world to worship golden caves just like Jeroboam led the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Are you a golden calf worshiper? Do you worship the work of man's hands themed after Jesus and the words of men and call it the words of God?

Video Playlists

It is best to watch the playlists in order, especially after the "How To Stop Sinning Through Grace" playlist.

Introduction and Updates

My Testimony

How to Stop Sinning Through Grace

Destroying the Golden Calves

The Antichrist

Sins That Christians Accept

Sin and the Law