Presenting the Ceasing From Sin Study Bible.

The CFS Study Bible is different than the rest of the study Bibles out there, because it contains study notes that glorify Jesus's work in destroying the works of the devil out of our lives; it proves with the scriptures that we, as followers of Jesus, can, through Jesus Christ, cease from sin as expected of us; it refutes false doctrines that condone sins that many Christians accept, such as adultery through divorce and remarriage; and, this study Bible also paints a very vivid picture of the end-times, proving that we live in the time of the antichrist right now. If you desire to cease from sin and/or be equipped in exhorting and reproving on this very subject with all authority (as Paul said to do in Titus 2:11-15), then this study Bible is for you.

The CFS Study Bible is currently available on e-Sword for Windows, Apple and for Android's MySword v. 11.1 or higher. (The PDF version is coming soon.)

If you do not have e-Sword, you can download it here.

The CFS e-Sword module includes:

  • The Ceasing From Sin Study Bible (a Bible with embedded study notes).*
  • The Ceasing From Sin additional articles (the rest of the articles found in this Bible).*
  • The Ceasing From Sin Bible (a Bible with no study notes, only the translation).
  • The Ceasing From Sin study notes ( a commentary module containing the study notes alone).
  • The Book of Enoch (the R. H. Charles translation, with CFS study notes).

*The Ceasing From Sin Study Bible and the additional articles are the only mandatory installations; all other files in the module are optional.

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Updates are monthly (Jesus willing)
There will not be a September update

PC Install Files


e-Sword HD (version 11.x+)
The download file is a setup file that installs the module directly into your e-Sword folder.
Please note that the bible links in the HD version is forced to be green when they are in reality purple.


e-Sword (the older format)
This older format still works with newer versions of e-Sword and installs directly into your e-Sword folder.


e-Sword HD (version 11.x+), e-Sword (the older format), and other downloads
Download the PC files (and other files made by the editors) from our profile.

Apple Install Files


e-Sword X (for Apple)
Click "Download" to be redirected to the CFS Study Bible for Apple downloads page.
Please note that the bible links in the Apple version is forced to be green when they are in reality purple.

My Sword Install Files

To install the CFS e-Sword files placing them in the appropriate MySword directory folders. To see compatibility, click here.


e-Sword HD (version 11.x+) for MySword (version 11.1+)


e-Sword (the older format) for MySword (version 11.1+)


(The older format was used for these images.)


The CFS Study Bible has the study notes embedded directly into the Scriptures right after the relevant verses being commented on. The notes are labelled by verse, and are colour-coded for easy visibility. (You can see the colour code legend under "Information…" in the Bible and Commentary menus in e-Sword.)


The CFS download file comes with an e-Sword commentary module that contains the CFS study notes alone (seen on the right). This means that you can use any translation on e-Sword and still be able to utilize the CFS study notes.


The CFS Study Bible also has concordance and dictionary references to select words in relevant Scriptures.


The CFS download file also contains a full version of the R. H. Charles translation of the Book of Enoch. This version of Enoch also comes with CFS study notes for the Book of Enoch.

Additional e-Sword Content

Though this is not mandatory, it is encouraged, if you wish to deepen your study, that when you download e-Sword you can also download a lot of free content straight from the e-Sword application. We suggest some of the following downloads:

Reference Books:

  • Antiquities Of The Jews, By Flavius Josephus.
  • The Wars Of The Jews, By Flavius Josephus.


  • Webster's Dictionary of American English (1828), By Noah Webster.
  • Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature.
  • Easton's Bible Dictionary.
  • Robinson's Morphological Analysis Codes.
You can also download the CFS Bible and additional content put together by us, by clicking here. This link takes you to our profile. The site, has an almost overwhelmingly large amount of free user made content for e-Sword and mySword bible applications.

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